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Construyendo juntos un mejor presente

Construyendo juntos un mejor presente

Construyendo juntos un mejor presente

A non-profit entity created in Colombia, which accompanies and guides families with children with disabilities, providing tools that strengthen their quality of life, healthy coexistence and an appropriate relationship with the environment.

Our goal as a Foundation is to achieve in each person linked to our work, the development of human potential, which strengthens their communication channels, promotes healthy coexistence, and facilitates the ability to resolve conflicts, generating co-creation actions in groups. societies to which they belong. We are achieving all of this through various personal, family and community strengthening activities.

We empower women, head of household mothers, caregivers, guides and companions of people in special conditions, reestablishing their emotional state to achieve the BEST VERSION as a human being, through our transformation and personal growth actions.

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We are a bridge that provides tools and spaces for transformation, human growth and self-sustaining development; rediscovering the innate capacities in each person for individual economic, social and environmental strengthening and empowerment

"Help us create a bright future for Juan David!
Together for your stem cell treatment in Thailand

"Imagine for a moment being an 8-year-old boy, full of dreams and smiles, but facing a difficult battle. Meet Juan David, a true warrior who bravely fights against adversity. His hope lies in a stem cell treatment in Better Being Hospital in Thailand. Every little contribution brings us closer to transforming your life and enabling a future full of opportunities. Together, we can be the ray of hope that lights your way. Join our cause and be part of the history that will change Juan David's life forever!"

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